My One Yoga Regret

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You’ve started doing yoga recently, coming along to group classes, and you’re feeling good! More energy, less back pain, generally happier. Yoga is a new part of your life and one you’re proud of.

But whilst it’s easy adding all the benefits together, there’s one small niggle. Something that’s been playing on your mind and just won’t seem to shift. What were you doing before? Why is it only now that you’ve started doing yoga? Despite your best efforts not to, you find yourself peering around the room at other students and concluding that you’re, by far, the oldest one there – and you’re not too happy about it.

Often when we start something new, it can prompt us to look at the past. We compare the new feeling or way of living with what we experienced previously. And, because we’re doing it now (disregarding the significant factors which got us there), we can’t understand what stopped us before! Students often say to me a variation of this:

“My only regret is that I didn’t start yoga sooner.”

Then followed by a string of ‘should have, would have, could have’ sentences. “I should’ve practised yoga as a teenager – I wouldn’t have been so highly strung.”, “I would’ve been happier and less emotional had I gone to class at University.”, “I could’ve experienced a lot less anguish in relationships if I discovered yoga before.”

You’re not alone

Perhaps it’s comforting to know many of us feel this way. We look at opportunity lost and judge ourselves for our past choices. We spend time feeling bad and comparing ourselves to what we see in others. We plain ol’ wish the feel-good (better moods, improved confidence, more calm) could have started earlier! That way, we would have missed out on a lot of pain suffering, and everything just would have been alright.

But it’s important not to get too carried away with this idea. To not let the “X have” thoughts cloud the feel-good you’re experiencing right now. We all ‘could have, should have, would have’ if circumstances were different, and we were different. But they weren’t and we weren’t. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Stay present

So, let’s flip your focus. Coming into the breath and this moment here and now. What’s going on right now? Well, for one, you’ve started doing yoga! Something you love and enjoy, and the benefits are aplenty. Let’s revel in that for a moment…


Take time to congratulate yourself for making it to the mat. So, it wasn’t 10 years ago, but never mind! You’re doing it now and it’s OK to be feeling wonderful.

And each time your mind starts to wander, you slip into the comparison game and your stomach sinks, remember – you’re doing perfectly. Just what you’re meant to be doing. So, let’s not allow our regrets to detract from our happiness today. How about this for a turn around:

“I’m doing yoga today and it’s wonderful.”

So, I’d love to hear from you. Have you started doing yoga recently? Do you struggle with the age-thing, and give yourself grief for not arriving earlier? Or have you found a way to stay present, and feel contentment with wherever you’re at on your yoga journey? Do share by leaving a comment below.

Will my yoga teacher adjust me?

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yoga class

We go to yoga for all kinds of reasons: to get fit, relax, de-stress, strengthen our muscles… We don’t necessarily go to have physical contact with anyone. But should we expect it?

Many yoga teachers across the country adjust their students, helping to correct alignment and deepen practice. This might be quite gentle, such as realigning your head with the spine in Relaxation or moving a hanging arm/hand back over the shoulder in Triangle pose. But sometimes, more force is applied, like pressing hips back and down in Child’s pose or guiding the sacrum upward in downward dog. It can feel nice and believably prevent injury.

Last week, articles came out in The Times and Daily Mail reporting that Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge has found a new and very “hands-on” London-based Yoga Teacher, Stewart Gilchrist. He has been described as the ‘Marmite of yoga’, since his unique approach is not welcomed by all. Full article here.

So, what is acceptable? Is it up to your yoga teacher to decide when to adjust? Or should you have more say? One idea suggested is having “consent cards” where you can simply place a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ card next to your mat, indicating whether or not you give permission to the teacher to touch. This way, people can feel safe and no-one has to compromise. But should you give the green light, where’s the limit? And at what point can you change your mind?

I probably have a less conventional approach in that I don’t adjust my students. Apart from the odd palms on shoulders to induce relaxation or a turning of a twisted wrist, I stay clear. Perhaps being the other extreme to Gilchrist! I rely on co-performance, verbal instructions and some demo to teach. And I do this, so my students can truly come into their bodies and space, and build strength and confidence from there. It’s intuitive for me NOT to touch, and so I pay particular attention to how I deliver verbal cues, keeping the class safe and comfortable.

My teaching style won’t suit everyone. And nor will Gilchrist’s. So, I guess I’m curious – how do you feel about hands-on adjustments? Do you want more, less or perhaps just on certain days? Leave a comment below, letting us know your opinion.

Yoga – what’s your motivation?

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Hello all! And a Happy New Year!


I haven’t written a blog since last January… Fell off that one, didn’t I? But I continuously got very envious of other people’s writing during 2014, which was a big cue for me to start up again. So, here tis: my blog of 2015. Long let it continue!

So, I want to ask you – how are you feeling? Take a moment to check in with your mind and body. What do you notice? I always start my classes this way. 5 minutes not to judge or change anything, but just to “check in”. See how you are in the moment. Such awareness can help draw you into the here and now and give you an account of how you’re doing, which is something we can often skip by and not allow space for.

And it’s not always good, what we notice! We notice discomfort as well as peace. Pain as well as joy. And it’s OK – how we feel is OK. It’s just what it is.

When you step on the mat, you bring with you whatever’s going on in your life. All kinds of emotions and feelings. Information about how you are, your starting point.

So why do we come? What makes us step on the mat in the first place? Yoga – what’s your motivation?

Because, if we don’t know this – why would we bother in the first place! Everyone needs motivation to do something, otherwise we’d just stay at home/work and not do any yoga at all.

And to keep us on track this new year, I want to know a bit about you. What is it that makes you roll your mat out? What is it you’re getting from your practice?

For me, it’s quite simple. I just feel better when I do yoga. If I take the Christmas period for example. Eating mince pies & lots of party food was great! Tasty, and I needed a good break. Spending quality time with family and friends. But with all the tele watching and little movement, I felt my mood sink and I lost a connection with my body. My mood was the big one. For a few days to a week, I was low, slightly depressed. This isn’t the first time either. No. Me and my moods, we go way back, to teenage years! I’d quite openly say this is something I suffer from: low moods/depression, and something I’ve written about a bit previously in blogs and online.

My motivation is that I want to improve my mood. I need to physically distract myself from my otherwise-spiraling thoughts, and take a dose of feel-good. And I know just the thing to do it – my ever-functioning tool: yoga.

So, there’s a bit about my motivation. Now, over to you – what makes you step on the mat in the first place? And, what’s going to persist if you don’t?

5 Ways To Be A Good Yoga Student

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1) Practise yoga every day

2) Eat a vegetarian diet

3) Think positive


“Hang on.” I hear you say. “What if… I don’t want to give up meat? I’ve only got time for one yoga class a week? I keep trying to think more positively, but I can’t seem to get rid of negative thoughts?”

The big question you’re asking is: Is there any wiggle room? Can you do yoga your way?

And the answer is yes.

We see glossy pictures in the magazines (yes yoga ones too) and read dogma-filled articles on the internet which have us thinking we need to do yoga a certain way. We need to be skinny, flexible, vegan, always calm and positive… But what if we’re not, or don’t want to be?

Is it helpful for us to have these yoga stereotypes?

I’ll tell you a secret. A little while back, I made a list similar to this. It wasn’t very wiggle-friendly. There were a lot of rules and pressures to be a certain way: both as a yoga student and teacher. And I ended up feeling rather run down and stressed. I was stuck in a mask I didn’t feel comfortable in and couldn’t take off!

Since then, I’ve freed up a lot. I feel happier and more myself. And it’s my intention to help you find an approach to yoga you’re happy with and that stops you from getting exhausted.

So, realistically, what do you think you can manage? How yoga do you want to go? Remember, there’s no set way or need to transform overnight into an all-bendy, radiant and enlightened being! Or ever.

You might like to try a few simple stretches once or twice a week at home before attending a group class. Or perhaps you just want to be more aware of your breathing or improve your posture. Whatever it is, make it yours. Put your own personal yoga jigsaw together.

And maybe you’ll never want to chant Om’s or go on a yoga retreat or drink a green smoothie. And who said you need to anyway?

I’d love to know how you get on. Do you have a list? Or an idea of what kind of yoga student you want to be? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Am I too unfit for yoga?

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As a Yoga Teacher, one of the most common reasons I hear why people can’t do yoga is because they’re too unfit (also too fat, inflexible and male).

A fear of being seen, judged or not accepted stops you from making it to class.

Whilst yoga can help improve fitness, flexibility and… well no it won’t make you a female! There are more reasons to come: to relax, de-stress, help reduce pain and build self-compassion and love, which you cannot experience if you don’t give it a go.

There’s nothing you need to do to prepare for a yoga class, except get your doctor’s permission and be willing. No designer outfits to buy, treadmills to hit or weight to lose. It’s OK that you can’t touch your toes.

Come as you are! That’s great. Allow yourself the chance and space to really see this.

Simplify your Yoga Practice in 2014

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In 2013, I stopped blogging. For a few reasons. One being: that I had overcomplicated it.

I met with a friend recently who’s a regular blogger. He writes well, in an engaging and authentic way. I asked him how long he spent on each one. “Around an hour” he told me. Smiling and relaxed. I was impressed.    

And then in my current job, I noticed the company website had short, simple blogs. Several per day! I liked reading them. They were easy to digest. And I realised I didn’t want or need to spend hours writing each one, perfecting and stressing. I could free up a little, and write in a simpler way. 

A weight had been lifted!

My aim is to still channel my creative energy and ideas into writing, to help people to feel good through yoga. Just, I’ll do it in a less time-consuming, more energy-gaining way.

So, now I want to turn it around – how can you simplify your approach to Yoga?

Are your current expectations too high for your time on the mat? Is your regular group class that little bit too long? Do you have an unhelpful, preconceived idea of what a Yogi should be?

Simplify, simplify. Whilst it’s understandable that you want a lot from yourself and your practice. Overcomplicating Yoga could be the very thing holding you back from reaping the benefits.

I challenge you in 2014, to start practising Yoga, in a way that suits you. Simple enough to fit in with your life as it is. Enjoyable enough that you’ll want to do it!

Whether that’s a few rounds of Sun Salutations to kickstart the week. Following a basic Yoga DVD in the comfort of your home. Or perhaps trying out that half hour lunch-time class at work.

It doesn’t need to be perfect. It doesn’t need to overwhelm you.

Enjoy a simplified practice, and let us know how you get on 🙂



Confessions of a Lion Yoga Teacher

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 Stand tall, get real

Inspired by fellow Cambridge based Yoga Teacher Rachel Hawes (Fusion – Massage and Movement)’s post: Confessions of a Yoga Blogger.

I eat meat.

I can’t do the splits.

I hide my eyes during gruesome scenes on TV.

I swear a lot.

My favourite part of sixth form was going to the local pub on a Friday night, drinking and dancing on the tables.

I’m very impatient.

I love Made in Chelsea. My unguilty pleasure.

I practise yoga to kiss radio.

I’ve been able to do the Wheel and Lotus poses all my life. Not just “over yoga years”.

I don’t know many fiction authors.

I’m afraid of dying.

What a relief

Ah, that feels good. Being honest. And sharing openly.

When you have nothing to hide, you can relax in your own skin. No stress or struggle to be someone you’re not.

Too often we cover ourselves up and deny that certain parts of us exist. Afraid of how the “real us” will be perceived. ‘Too rebellious, too out there, too big for our boots…’ And in doing so, we lose our strength and confidence.

But, there’s nothing wrong with doing things differently. Setting a unique standard. Skipping to an individual beat. The world needs more people owning their power and truth.

Stand tall, get real 

Know that you don’t need to act in any particular way to fit in. It’s OK to be you, in all your richness and essence. Catch yourself in times when you tell a white lie, pretend to know something you don’t or act in a way that doesn’t sit right for you. And if it’s because you’re afraid to just be you, challenge yourself to step up, in true authenticity.

Covering up who you are can lead to feelings of deep insecurity and depression. Because you lose yourself, and block your flow. And things come apart from their natural rhythm.

It’s important that you own yourself. All of you. To save yourself from feeling lost, and down. The good, the bad and the ugly must come out!

Share your wonderful Self 

Let your truth flow into everything you do; your words, your interactions, your work. Don’t allow fear or embarrassment to hold you back. It’d be a shame for you, as well as the rest of the world.

Tap into your fierce

And begin to tap into your strength. Live in your power, with honesty and a sense of openness. If you do this, then depression will find it hard to manifest itself. No false or fearful place to sink itself into.

Get confessing 

So, it’s your turn. Write some Confessions. Things you’ve been holding back, or pretending don’t exist for you. And share them with us, your friends, the world. You don’t need to be anyone but who you are. Know this. Live it. And your mood will improve as you get more comfy with it.

I’d love to hear how you get on. Leave a comment below sharing your experiences and Confessions. What fears come up as you write your list? What’s it like being more honest and open? What affect does this have on your mood and well-being? How do people react to the truthful you? 

Need some help owning your power?

If you’re struggling to tap into your strength and feeling underconfident, then reach out. I’d love to help you access your power, and feel more Lion like. Check out my Mouse to Lion programme here: It’d be awesome to share the exciting journey together.

Too Fat for Yoga?

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Tiina Veer, Founder of Yoga for Round Bodies

Too often, when I tell people I teach yoga, I receive responses like this:

“Ah, I’d love to do yoga, but I’m not very flexible.” “I’ll have to hit the gym for a good few months before coming to class. I’m not in great shape.” “I wish I’d practised when I was younger, but I’m too old now.”

And when I hear these things, it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart because I know that yoga is for anybody. And it’s a shame to see so many people miss out on receiving the benefits.

So, what’s going on?

There are a lot of preconceptions floating around about ‘what yoga is’, and ‘who can do it’. You see images in the media of svelte and toned women in their 20’s and 30’s hitting the mat, all smiles and no sweat.  And from there, you come to think that you’re not flexible, young, slim, fit, (fill in the gap)… basically “good” enough to practise.

All kinds of fears and insecurities can surface when considering going to a class. You want to feel good, strong and fit. But what if you’re judged on your appearance by your teacher? What if everyone else in the room can touch their toes and you can’t? What if everybody is just better than you!?

The underlying point – you don’t want to be embarrassed or look silly.

So much so, that you don’t go. You stay at home, feeling just as you did before. Sadly compromising any benefits you could gain.

“But I can’t go!”

It’s perfectly normal to feel like this. A lot of people do. It can be scary to step out into an unknown place, full of complete strangers, bending and breathing in all kinds of odd ways. But you’re not alone. And what you need to know – is that there is nothing wrong with you. You and your fears are accepted. And you “can” start yoga from this place. Here and now. No matter your age, gender, body size, level of flexibility… or how much of a mess you think you are.

Hear this loud and clear – you are good enough! Just as you are. 

But to help this sink in (it won’t happen over night), it’s important you find a class that suits you. A teacher that believes in you and your strength. A space in which you feel welcome and cared for.

Tiina Veer is a great example of a Yoga Teacher who makes her students feel safe and welcome. She is the Founder of Yoga for Round Bodies, living in Toronto, Ontario, and similarly to myself wants people to know that yoga is for everybody. She says:

“I too am motivated to get the word out to all people who “think” they can’t do yoga. They just need to find the right teacher! Yoga is for anybody.”

Inspired by her own experience living and practising yoga in a round body, Tiina shares her passion and knowledge with others. “There’s a growing plus-size movement!” Tiina points out, and for whom she compassionately offers her services. (For more info on Tiina, her classes and training, visit

And Tiina is not the only one standing out and offering support for a certain group of people. There are many great teachers out there wanting to share their skills with you to help you feel well and comfortable in your skin, both on and off the mat. Teachers that won’t judge you, or want you to change. But appreciate you as you are, and are willing to support you on your journey.

There really is no need to stay stuck or feeling like your spark has gone out, when there is good help out there. Look for yoga teachers who, like Tiina, work with a specific group of people (plus-sized people) or myself (low moods sufferers). Or any teacher who offers you warmth, compassion and an open heart. And…

Start where you are

Whatever mental, physical or emotional state you’re in. Don’t allow your fears and worries to get the better of you. You are good enough. You are welcome.

Actions to take today

Here are 3 things you can do “right now” to get the ball rolling.

1) Take a look in the mirror, and as hard as it may be, list all the things you like about yourself. Your appearance; body, face, hair, smile. Your personality. Your unique quirks. Your skills… All of you. Remember you’re lovely as you are, here and now.

2) Find a space and sit down comfortably. Close your eyes or soften your gaze and bring your focus onto your breath. As you breathe in, long and slow breaths from the belly, say to yourself “I am good enough.” And as you breathe out “Just as I am.” Repeat as many times as needed to really relax and feel into it.

3) Book, or go along to a yoga class. It can be enough to just email a teacher or put the date in your diary. You can explain any fears or concerns you might have, and see what response you get from them. Consider it a journey that starts today.

Leave a message below sharing your fears and insecurities about going to a yoga class. What’s stopping you from going? How could your teacher help you feel welcome? Remember we all feel them, so don’t be shy or embarrassed. And tell us what actions you are taking today to feel good, starting where you are. 

—– Live in Cambridge, UK? I’d love to have you in one of my Group Yoga classes (for anybody) or help you to lift your mood and tap into your strength with the One-to-One programme (for low moods sufferers). Take a look at the services pages on this site, and know that I don’t mind where you’re at, if you come along with messy hair, some extra weight or even if you’re a smoker! You are perfectly welcome and accepted 🙂

Why Suffering From Depression Can Be Worse On a Snow Day

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“Gorgeous. A snow day! Let’s go have some fun!”

These will be the words and thoughts of a lot of people in Britain today. As curtains are eagerly drawn and doors are flung open, laughter and happiness will spread the streets.

And whilst being a truly magical day for many, with the snow providing great opportunity for family and friends to get-together and have fun sledding and making snow angels, for those suffering from depression, it can bring about a whole other kind of feelings, such as guilt, loneliness and overwhelm. Yes, some sufferers will be able to feel a lift in mood from playing outdoors and being in good company. But, for others, even the thought of leaving the house and putting on their snow clothes will be too much for them.

When you are depressed, you often don’t have the energy or desire to do fun or exciting things. The kinds of things you once enjoyed, or do still enjoy when your mood is balanced. It’s no surprise a snow day like today doesn’t inspire you if you are feeling down. In fact, snow days can actually cause ‘more’ stress and worry to somebody who’s experiencing a low mood, because similarly to other ‘bright occasions’, such as Christmas, New Year’s and birthdays, you’re only forced to see how awful you feel in comparison to the cheeriness of those around you.

So, when the texts come in inviting you out to play and build snowmen and have a big social affair, you feel sick and afraid. You know you don’t want, ‘can’t’ participate, at least not in any genuinely enjoyable way.  You feel guilty for choosing to stay in and be on your own. Angry for being in this sucky mood.

“It’s not fair. Why do I have to feel depressed, when everyone else is out there having fun?” you say.

And back to bed you go, or the fridge, or whatever in that moment makes you feel better. But one thing you know is, you’re not going out there. No matter how thick the snow gets.

When you’re depressed, you often don’t want to see people. You don’t want to do the things people tell you are good for you, because you don’t see the worth. All you want to do is wrap yourself up in the comfort and solitude of your personal space and just be left alone.

It’s not easy suffering from depression. I know this, because I have, and I am today. I’m inside on a snow day, and I feel down. I have cancelled plans with family, things I was looking forward to, because I just need some ‘me time’, peace and comfort.

Why am I depressed? you ask. Aren’t I a yoga teacher, who is positive and uplifting? Don’t I promote health? I like to think so, yes! But, I am also a girl with the ‘seed of depression.’ A normal person, like you, who is genetically pre-disposed to this debilitating illness. And on Friday evening, I went above my alcohol quota. I had three, rather than one or two (which I have learnt is my personal limit) glasses of wine. And, therefore as a consequence I’ve been suffering this weekend. Somewhat to myself, which is something a lot of sufferers will do, until we bring depression further into the light and out of the closet. You see, as someone with the seed of depression, I have to do that bit extra to handle myself, and prevent/escape the bouts. As I’m sure you’ll understand, if you suffer too.

So, why did I drink too much when I know it’s not good for me? Well, we all make mistakes. We mess up, and fall into holes we knew existed. That’s just a part of life. Even us yoga teachers make health mistakes, you know? I guess, one of the reasons I drank a little more than I should was because I wanted to feel normal. I wanted to kick back with my friends and enjoy myself. I wanted for that evening to pretend I didn’t have the seed of depression. I wanted to believe that I wouldn’t be down for the rest of the weekend as a consequence. I wanted to by a normal, fun-time 21st century girl.

But, as always, and has been the case for the past decade, I can’t handle it. I can’t go beyond my limits without paying the price, and this is why I am now, on this gloriously miserable snow day, indoors feeling under the weather.

Why am I writing this? Not waiting until tomorrow and putting my smile back on? Since I know what to do to lift myself up (I’ve been working on healthy life habits for quite some time), why don’t I just do that tomorrow and pretend away today? Well, yes, I could do that. I do like to spread a positive word about health and possibility. I also like to encourage others, as well as myself, to eat lots of healthy food and get exercise and practice yoga. But, I’m not going to do that today. No. Today I won’t talk about my approach to depression, or my feelings about anti-depressants, or green smoothies or the benefits of yoga.

Today, I just want to hold out my hand to you, from a place of true authenticity and heartful empathy and compassion. I know what it’s like to be depressed. Just hang on in there, you’re dong a wonderful job. Don’t worry about not making the best out of the snow day, if that’s not your inclination. Curl up in bed if that’s what you feel like doing. There’s always tomorrow…

And you can feel comfort in knowing, I’m doing the same. I’m indoors too, just being with myself. I’m not trying to change how I feel, or deny that I feel it. No, today is not a fun snow day for me either.

Let’s allow ourselves to be with, and accept wherever we are today. And if you are depressed, that’s OK.

A warm hug from me.


When Inspiration Hits, Take Action

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Don’t let the fire burn out before you’ve taken action.


Do you ever have an idea so strong, so compelling you just know you have to do something with it?

The kind of idea that fills you with great passion and energy? Stops time and draws you in?

Ideas like these tend to show up when we’re deeply engaged in something, such as an exciting conversation with a friend, an inspiring book, an uplifting film, a walk in nature, yoga, meditation…

We’ll be lost in track, so tuned in to what we’re doing, saying or thinking, when suddenly an idea hits us! – causing an electrical charge in our body, grabbing our attention and insisting that we listen.

I call these inspired ideas.

And I believe they show up for good reason. There’s no coincidence in the timing or the receiver, because they’re coming from the all powerful – Universal Source.

All we need to do is show up and connect to source, by allowing inspiring material, people, events, places and experiences into our lives and we begin to receive more and more inspired ideas. Each one offering us a stepping stone to live our highest expression.

Inspired ideas are the Universe’s way of guiding us towards our true potential.

A great example for me was a couple of years back. I was having dinner with my parents, talking very excitedly about my love for yoga and how passionately I wanted to share it with the world. There I was getting all fired up, when an idea sparked – to write an article for a yoga magazine! It was the perfect means to channel my energy and make a valuable contribution.

At the time I had the idea, I’d never done this before; write for a publication, other than my blog. But I was so determined I knew I had to go for it.

With nothing to lose, everything to gain

I decided to ask for some help. It was my Mum who suggested the idea for the article: Haven’t Got Time. She was a busy, hard-working teacher and felt that a lot of people in her shoes would benefit from reading something on making time for a yoga practice. I thought this was a brilliant idea. I then asked my ever-acting-on-inspired ideas sister Corrina (You Inspire Me) if I could borrow her pitch template. An already established writer herself, she had a strong list of writing credits and the know-how I needed.

And so I was ready to go.

That evening I sat in front of my computer, feeling fire in the belly, as I sent off a pitch to the editor of Yoga Magazine. The email read:


September 9th 2009

Dear Dr Malik,

Article Proposal: Haven’t Got The Time!

A young and enthusiastic woman shares her ideas and experiences on how to keep a yoga practice going and drop the excuses.

A fresh and inspiring feature, written by a woman who makes time for yoga. The reader gains motivation to make the time for a steady yoga practice, no matter how busy she is. A burst of energy to compel her to put yoga on the agenda everyday.

Rosanna Gordon is a trainee British Wheel of Yoga teacher. Her blog, Wake Up To Health, can be found at

– Suggested title: Haven’t Got The Time!

– Key concepts: the value of a yoga practice, maintaining momentum, dropping the excuses, common time wasters, taking responsibility for one’s own health, the value of a proactive approach

– approx. 500 words

– 1 photo attached (others available)

Contact details

Rosanna Gordon,


Two days later, I received the following email back:


Hi Rosanna,

Thanks for your email.

Your idea for an article sounds very good.

However, we could be interested in running 2 or 3 columns on this topic, of around 500-750 words each.

Is this something you would be interested in? In return we could promote your website etc in the magazine.

Let me know your thoughts.


Martin Gill, Editorial

YOGA Magazine


I couldn’t believe the response! Not only had my idea been approved, but I’d been offered more than I’d imagined. Amazing!

And in that moment I knew how important it was that we make things happen for ourselves, we take our lives in our own hands and cease opportunity, that –

when inspiration hits, we take action.

Because if we don’t – and if we allow our fears, doubts and small thinking to run the show, we’ll deny ourselves – and others our greatest gifts.

Since the series I wrote for Yoga Magazine in 2009, I’ve had five other articles published in leading yoga and health magazines. And I’ll continue to write, for both my love of it and how it serves, via any means I can.

A recent example

Early on in my Yoga Teacher Training Course, I met somebody I shared a similar ambition with. My good friend Katrin Heuser (yoga gestalten) and I both had a vision to run our own yoga businesses. After just a few enthusiastic conversations on the subject, we decided we’d run a yoga workshop together.

No clear plans were made initially. We relied simply on an inspired idea and exciting vision. But we both knew we’d carry it through. And I’m now so happy to say that we’ve been running a very popular and successful series of seasonal yoga days since the new year, helping others to tap into source and happiness! Our upcoming Summer Yoga Day takes place in London this July.

I’d love to hear from you.

Please do share what inspired ideas have shown up in your life? by leaving a comment below. Let us know how you react to the fire in the belly? What it feels like for you when you’re filled with creative energy? And perhaps, for one reason or another, why you haven’t followed an idea through?

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– ***Still time to grab the Early bird offer – £40 for Summer Yoga Day! Want to join us? Book your place here.

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