Meet Laura


Meet Laura King, Holistic Therapist & Personal Support Assistant

Laura attends the General Yoga class on Thursday evenings

What brought you to yoga? To manage my stress, to aid musculoskeletal issues and to tone.

Were there any obstacles to starting a practice? From past experiences, I didn’t feel comfortable in previous groups, as I felt a sense of competition. For me, this is extremely demotivating. Rosanna’s classes are the opposite of this. Everyone is supportive of each other and it’s not an issue if someone has a wobble or can’t hold a certain position. I think it’s the understanding that this practice is to help people reach their own personal potential rather than striving for perfection (whatever that is!)

How long have you been practising, in general and with Rosanna? I have been practising yoga with Rosanna for just over a year.

How do you feel from coming to the classes? I feel life is more manageable. Yoga gives me perspective and helps me feel more balanced with my mind, body and soul.

Do you have a favourite yoga posture/practice – and why? Child pose with crab like fingers (not sure of correct terminology!) to help release the back and shoulders. Also very relaxing and I feel it helps my body calm after more vigorous positions.

What impact does yoga have on your life, in general and day-to-day? Helps me sleep and am able to control my thoughts and put them aside for the session (Rosanna is great at reinforcing with visuals to enable this to happen.) I have back conditions and yoga greatly benefits this. When I don’t attend for a couple of weeks, my sciatica will normally always flare up.

Any words of advice/tips for people thinking about starting yoga? Go to yoga!!!!



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