Meet Sam

Sam attends the General Yoga class on Thursday evenings

What brought you to yoga? My Mum used to do a bit at home – in those days they had a program on telly which demonstrated yoga – so it was a natural form of exercise & relaxation for me – but we didn’t do it a lot.

Were there any obstacles to starting a practice?  I tried one session of a different yoga class before I tried Rosanna’s and it wasn’t for me, I did not want to tie myself in knots physically…actually the opposite is what I wanted. Rosanna’s class was reassuringly professional & friendly – I could relax without thinking that anything ‘wacky’ was going to be introduced.

How long have you been practising, in general and with Rosanna? In general I’ve ‘done a bit of yoga’ for about 30 years, and joined Rosanna’s class about 18 months ago.

How do you feel from coming to the classes? I feel nicely stretched, sort of grounded and very pleasantly chilled out. Also I’m more ready to do some yoga at home on my mat – which is great.

Do you have a favourite yoga posture/practice – and why? I seem to have 3 favourite movements – downward dog, cat stretches and the child pose – are all really good.

Downward dog, gives a different perspective and feels quite freeing for spine/lower back/shoulders. It’s nice to really lift the lower back and stretch it and take all the weight off it I guess. All three of these poses are great for your back/spine/shoulders – and calves…the child pose feels like gravity is finally allowed to take over and gives you a complete release in your back.

What impact does yoga have on your life, in general and day-to-day? Yoga helps me to ease out aches and pains, particularly lower back pain which I get from sitting at a desk most of the day.. On another note I have a strong urge to de-clutter everything which I’m sure is somehow related to yoga.

Any words of advice/tips for people thinking about starting yoga? I would say ‘give it a go’, make time to attend a class – and find one which is easy for you to get to thus maximising your chance of attending (I am a bit lazy when it comes to motivating myself after being at work all day).


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