5 Ways To Be A Good Yoga Student

by Rosanna on March 12, 2014, no comments

1) Practise yoga every day

2) Eat a vegetarian diet

3) Think positive


“Hang on.” I hear you say. “What if… I don’t want to give up meat? I’ve only got time for one yoga class a week? I keep trying to think more positively, but I can’t seem to get rid of negative thoughts?”

The big question you’re asking is: Is there any wiggle room? Can you do yoga your way?

And the answer is yes.

We see glossy pictures in the magazines (yes yoga ones too) and read dogma-filled articles on the internet which have us thinking we need to do yoga a certain way. We need to be skinny, flexible, vegan, always calm and positive… But what if we’re not, or don’t want to be?

Is it helpful for us to have these yoga stereotypes?

I’ll tell you a secret. A little while back, I made a list similar to this. It wasn’t very wiggle-friendly. There were a lot of rules and pressures to be a certain way: both as a yoga student and teacher. And I ended up feeling rather run down and stressed. I was stuck in a mask I didn’t feel comfortable in and couldn’t take off!

Since then, I’ve freed up a lot. I feel happier and more myself. And it’s my intention to help you find an approach to yoga you’re happy with and that stops you from getting exhausted.

So, realistically, what do you think you can manage? How yoga do you want to go? Remember, there’s no set way or need to transform overnight into an all-bendy, radiant and enlightened being! Or ever.

You might like to try a few simple stretches once or twice a week at home before attending a group class. Or perhaps you just want to be more aware of your breathing or improve your posture. Whatever it is, make it yours. Put your own personal yoga jigsaw together.

And maybe you’ll never want to chant Om’s or go on a yoga retreat or drink a green smoothie. And who said you need to anyway?

I’d love to know how you get on. Do you have a list? Or an idea of what kind of yoga student you want to be? Leave a comment below and let us know.