Sports Yoga

Sports Yoga one to one, Liverpool

Sports Yoga sessions in Liverpool – Bringing Compassion and Competition together

Do you play sports, as an individual or part of a sports team or organisation? Are you looking to enhance your game and improve your sporting ability, or find a complimentary practice as part of your training? Whether you’re looking for some help with better movement, to optimize your performance, learn injury prevention strategies or the mental side of the game, yoga could be just the thing for you.

Monday to Friday morning, afternoon and evening sessions available

at Rodney Street Therapies, 39 Rodney Street, Liverpool L1 9EN (map)

Calm, light space in Liverpool’s beautiful Georgian Quarter city centre

Private yoga sessions to suit your sporting needs

1-2-1 Sports Yoga classes can help you:

– move with greater freedom, agility and suppleness

– increase your flexibility and ROM (range of movement), ROM and stability testing available

– reduce the risk of injuries and support recovery

– gain more strength, stamina and confidence

– increase mental sharpness, focus and concentration

– improve core stability and balance

– relieve muscle and joint soreness, aches and pains

– develop a more positive mindset

… amongst other things. Get in touch today and let me know what you’d like some help with. I hope that these One to One Sports Yoga sessions can be just the thing to get you feeling more confident and able in your sport and meet your unique aims and goals.


£40 per 50 minute class (1 student)

£45 per 50 minute class (2 students)

+£15 for tailored Sports Yoga routine recording

+£15 for ROM and Stability testing during initial class

If you’re interested in having a tailored sports yoga session, please get in touch for more info or to book via the Contact page.

*There will be health and safety/social distancing measures in place in line with government guidance for Covid-19, and I shall send you details for this.


“The session with Rosanna is one of the highlights of my week. I am more or less a beginner. Although I play sports (tennis), I am very inflexible and always have some kind of pains somewhere. I wanted to maintain my body’s suppleness in order to relieve those pain and to condition my body so that I can keep on playing tennis. I started sessions with Rosanna on recommendation from my friend. Boy, that was inspirational! Rosanna knows how far I can go and where it needs working on. She always comes prepared and very attentive. Often I arrive at the session feeling battered, then one hour later I leave rejuvenated! I love this girl! Thank you Rosanna!” Akiko Lea

“I have been playing football since I was a young lad, around 10 years old. I used to play at Vernon Sangster and Sunday League in Anfield. I love football, and I wish I had done yoga then as there wasn’t a match when I didn’t carry an injury in my ankle, back etc. and I would have to miss a match. Yoga helps to strengthen your body and I don’t get injured. I find the weekly class with Rosanna extremely beneficial, it helps with everything; helping to relieve aches and pains, with breathing as I suffer from asthma, better sleep and in particular with injuries.” Dave Morgan

“I keep myself pretty fit cycling and am the right weight for my age (62 years). However I am very stiff from lots of running and cycling over the years. I have tried group yoga classes but have found them difficult simply because I struggle with so many of the positions. Rosanna’s one to one classes are helping me to build up confidence and I really enjoy the individual care and attention.” Rob, south Liverpool

“As a regular runner (until injury) and I do weights and circuits too, I came to the yoga sessions with Rosanna hoping to develop/improve my flexibility generally and for it to help with running. From attending the sessions, I found that I increased flexibility and improved balance and feel better attuned to my body. When I run, I have noticed an improvement due to improved hip flexibility and I would definitely continue to incorporate yoga into my training. I appreciated your professionalism, encouragement and knowledge.” Moira

I look forward to meeting you!