When Inspiration Hits, Take Action

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Don’t let the fire burn out before you’ve taken action.


Do you ever have an idea so strong, so compelling you just know you have to do something with it?

The kind of idea that fills you with great passion and energy? Stops time and draws you in?

Ideas like these tend to show up when we’re deeply engaged in something, such as an exciting conversation with a friend, an inspiring book, an uplifting film, a walk in nature, yoga, meditation…

We’ll be lost in track, so tuned in to what we’re doing, saying or thinking, when suddenly an idea hits us! – causing an electrical charge in our body, grabbing our attention and insisting that we listen.

I call these inspired ideas.

And I believe they show up for good reason. There’s no coincidence in the timing or the receiver, because they’re coming from the all powerful – Universal Source.

All we need to do is show up and connect to source, by allowing inspiring material, people, events, places and experiences into our lives and we begin to receive more and more inspired ideas. Each one offering us a stepping stone to live our highest expression.

Inspired ideas are the Universe’s way of guiding us towards our true potential.

A great example for me was a couple of years back. I was having dinner with my parents, talking very excitedly about my love for yoga and how passionately I wanted to share it with the world. There I was getting all fired up, when an idea sparked – to write an article for a yoga magazine! It was the perfect means to channel my energy and make a valuable contribution.

At the time I had the idea, I’d never done this before; write for a publication, other than my blog. But I was so determined I knew I had to go for it.

With nothing to lose, everything to gain

I decided to ask for some help. It was my Mum who suggested the idea for the article: Haven’t Got Time. She was a busy, hard-working teacher and felt that a lot of people in her shoes would benefit from reading something on making time for a yoga practice. I thought this was a brilliant idea. I then asked my ever-acting-on-inspired ideas sister Corrina (You Inspire Me) if I could borrow her pitch template. An already established writer herself, she had a strong list of writing credits and the know-how I needed.

And so I was ready to go.

That evening I sat in front of my computer, feeling fire in the belly, as I sent off a pitch to the editor of Yoga Magazine. The email read:


September 9th 2009

Dear Dr Malik,

Article Proposal: Haven’t Got The Time!

A young and enthusiastic woman shares her ideas and experiences on how to keep a yoga practice going and drop the excuses.

A fresh and inspiring feature, written by a woman who makes time for yoga. The reader gains motivation to make the time for a steady yoga practice, no matter how busy she is. A burst of energy to compel her to put yoga on the agenda everyday.

Rosanna Gordon is a trainee British Wheel of Yoga teacher. Her blog, Wake Up To Health, can be found at www.wakeuptohealth.co.uk

– Suggested title: Haven’t Got The Time!

– Key concepts: the value of a yoga practice, maintaining momentum, dropping the excuses, common time wasters, taking responsibility for one’s own health, the value of a proactive approach

– approx. 500 words

– 1 photo attached (others available)

Contact details

Rosanna Gordon, rosanna@wakeuptohealth.co.uk


Two days later, I received the following email back:


Hi Rosanna,

Thanks for your email.

Your idea for an article sounds very good.

However, we could be interested in running 2 or 3 columns on this topic, of around 500-750 words each.

Is this something you would be interested in? In return we could promote your website etc in the magazine.

Let me know your thoughts.


Martin Gill, Editorial

YOGA Magazine


I couldn’t believe the response! Not only had my idea been approved, but I’d been offered more than I’d imagined. Amazing!

And in that moment I knew how important it was that we make things happen for ourselves, we take our lives in our own hands and cease opportunity, that –

when inspiration hits, we take action.

Because if we don’t – and if we allow our fears, doubts and small thinking to run the show, we’ll deny ourselves – and others our greatest gifts.

Since the series I wrote for Yoga Magazine in 2009, I’ve had five other articles published in leading yoga and health magazines. And I’ll continue to write, for both my love of it and how it serves, via any means I can.

A recent example

Early on in my Yoga Teacher Training Course, I met somebody I shared a similar ambition with. My good friend Katrin Heuser (yoga gestalten) and I both had a vision to run our own yoga businesses. After just a few enthusiastic conversations on the subject, we decided we’d run a yoga workshop together.

No clear plans were made initially. We relied simply on an inspired idea and exciting vision. But we both knew we’d carry it through. And I’m now so happy to say that we’ve been running a very popular and successful series of seasonal yoga days since the new year, helping others to tap into source and happiness! Our upcoming Summer Yoga Day takes place in London this July.

I’d love to hear from you.

Please do share what inspired ideas have shown up in your life? by leaving a comment below. Let us know how you react to the fire in the belly? What it feels like for you when you’re filled with creative energy? And perhaps, for one reason or another, why you haven’t followed an idea through?

Leave a comment below letting us know.


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