Confessions of a Lion Yoga Teacher

by Rosanna on May 6, 2012, no comments

 Stand tall, get real

Inspired by fellow Cambridge based Yoga Teacher Rachel Hawes (Fusion – Massage and Movement)’s post: Confessions of a Yoga Blogger.

I eat meat.

I can’t do the splits.

I hide my eyes during gruesome scenes on TV.

I swear a lot.

My favourite part of sixth form was going to the local pub on a Friday night, drinking and dancing on the tables.

I’m very impatient.

I love Made in Chelsea. My unguilty pleasure.

I practise yoga to kiss radio.

I’ve been able to do the Wheel and Lotus poses all my life. Not just “over yoga years”.

I don’t know many fiction authors.

I’m afraid of dying.

What a relief

Ah, that feels good. Being honest. And sharing openly.

When you have nothing to hide, you can relax in your own skin. No stress or struggle to be someone you’re not.

Too often we cover ourselves up and deny that certain parts of us exist. Afraid of how the “real us” will be perceived. ‘Too rebellious, too out there, too big for our boots…’ And in doing so, we lose our strength and confidence.

But, there’s nothing wrong with doing things differently. Setting a unique standard. Skipping to an individual beat. The world needs more people owning their power and truth.

Stand tall, get real 

Know that you don’t need to act in any particular way to fit in. It’s OK to be you, in all your richness and essence. Catch yourself in times when you tell a white lie, pretend to know something you don’t or act in a way that doesn’t sit right for you. And if it’s because you’re afraid to just be you, challenge yourself to step up, in true authenticity.

Covering up who you are can lead to feelings of deep insecurity and depression. Because you lose yourself, and block your flow. And things come apart from their natural rhythm.

It’s important that you own yourself. All of you. To save yourself from feeling lost, and down. The good, the bad and the ugly must come out!

Share your wonderful Self 

Let your truth flow into everything you do; your words, your interactions, your work. Don’t allow fear or embarrassment to hold you back. It’d be a shame for you, as well as the rest of the world.

Tap into your fierce

And begin to tap into your strength. Live in your power, with honesty and a sense of openness. If you do this, then depression will find it hard to manifest itself. No false or fearful place to sink itself into.

Get confessing 

So, it’s your turn. Write some Confessions. Things you’ve been holding back, or pretending don’t exist for you. And share them with us, your friends, the world. You don’t need to be anyone but who you are. Know this. Live it. And your mood will improve as you get more comfy with it.

I’d love to hear how you get on. Leave a comment below sharing your experiences and Confessions. What fears come up as you write your list? What’s it like being more honest and open? What affect does this have on your mood and well-being? How do people react to the truthful you? 

Need some help owning your power?

If you’re struggling to tap into your strength and feeling underconfident, then reach out. I’d love to help you access your power, and feel more Lion like. Check out my Mouse to Lion programme here: It’d be awesome to share the exciting journey together.