Meet Emma

Meet Emma

Emma attends the Lunchtime Yoga class on Fridays

What brought you to yoga? In my twenties, I preferred gentle exercise to going to the gym. I found yoga very relaxing and nice and stretchy. I was also into healthy eating which fits in quite well with yoga.

Were there any obstacles to starting a practice? No, no obstacles.

How long have you been practising, in general and with Rosanna? I’ve been practising yoga for about 15 years, and going to Rosanna’s class since last year (2014).

How do you feel from coming to the classes? After the class, I look forward to coming to the next class. It’s so enjoyable that I don’t need any motivation to get there.

Do you have a favourite yoga posture/practice – and why? I like twists a lot. It just feels like it’s doing a lot of good.

What impact does yoga have on your life, in general and day-to-day? My sister gave me a book on mindfulness a few months ago. It links in very well with my yoga practice with the breathing and positive mindset.

Any words of advice/tips for people thinking about starting yoga? Just go for it! It’s lots of fun.


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