Feel Fabulous Through Yoga

Featured in Om Magazine, January 2011.


”I want to feel utterly and completely fabulous!”

Is this you? Are you tired of living a mediocre life, watching other people live in the limelight? Are you ready to shine too?

Well, now’s the time. Too many of us fail to live the life that we dream of, putting what we really want on hold. We waste time wishing and longing for, daydreaming and fantasizing about, thinking that one day, it’ll happen for us.

But whilst we’re ‘here’, lusting after such a life to come to us, we’re actually putting what we want ‘over there’. We’re owning the lusting, the hoping for etc., when in fact what we need to own is the being great and the feeling fabulous right now.

In order to realise our dreams, we’ve got to live in the present moment and be open to what’s before our eyes today. The truth is today is all we’ve ever got. Yesterday is nothing but a memory, tomorrow a dream.

So, how can we be brilliant today? Grab every opportunity we see?

First of all, we need to hone in on the qualities that we so desire to have. For everyone, these are unique. The qualities that we’re after for ourselves are the ones we so often admire or even obsess about in others. Be it their looks, their strength, their careers, their hairstyles, their relationships, their permanent grins or their seemingly never-dented confidence. These are the qualities that we need to start owning in ourselves.

Because these charms – they live in us all. It’s not that some of us have them and some of us don’t. It’s just that we’re not all tapping into them at the same time.

The second step to feeling fabulous is therefore to recognize that we each have these gems inside of us – the strength, the power, the energy, the confidence, the beauty and the abundant health. The next step is to own them.

And it’s often this final step that we struggle with. We can recognise which qualities we’re after and we can even accept that they’re available to us, but what we can find difficult is the bringing them to us.

But if we fall down at this point, we’ll never know what our true potential feels like or how good our lives can be.

No, I won’t accept this for us. We should celebrate us. We deserve to feel radiant. We’ve got to go after our charms! So, let’s go for it! Let’s start to say ‘yes’ to whatever it is that we’re really after today. Let’s bring that amazing life we dream of to us.

But wait, how? How can we awaken our charm qualities?

For this to happen and for us to truly embrace all that we are, something needs to change. We won’t just suddenly feel able and confident to commit to this journey.

And one way that I see for us to step into our brilliance and own all of ourselves is through yoga. Yoga is such an amazing tool that it can help us to build the confidence that we need and feel the strength that we require in order to live our dreams. By practising yoga, we celebrate ourselves in every moment, we feel our bodies as they are and we touch our souls. All bringing the dormant qualities in us back to life.

If over the years, like for so many of us, our self-confidence has gotten a bit squashed or our strength has been weakened, then as a result our horizons will have become limited. BUT we deserve to ‘have it all’, to have access to our full confidence treasure chest, to be able to feel our maximum strength and to live the very best us.

For me, yoga has helped immensely to build my self-confidence and show me my strength. Just by being on the yoga mat, somewhere I feel safe, I am able to open up, be free and be me in that moment. Whether I’m breaking free to dance music and feeling my power and my strength or going inward in my vulnerability, I come alive in my soul. No matter how I feel, the mat can hold me.

Through yoga, I’ve learnt to go for life and live my dreams today. And I so want you to be able to live your dreams too. I believe that through yoga you can feel fabulous, you can set your soul on fire!

We all owe it to the precious children inside of us to hang on to our dreams and feel inspired by our lives. We’re still the fantastic people we always were. Nothing has changed in essence.

So, are you with me? Are you ready to be fabulous? I thought so. Let’s do it.

© Rosanna Gordon 2010. All rights reserved. 

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