Meet Sarah


Meet Sarah

Sarah attends the Gentle Yoga class on Thursday evenings

What brought you to yoga? I have been exploring natural approaches to health & well-being since my early twenties and used to practice T’ai Chi and Chi Kung. My daily Chi Kung practice came to an end when I was really unwell and I have been looking for a way to gradually reintroduce a daily practice into my life. Yoga has been around in the background for many years and I had been thinking about going to classes for several years when an opportunity to attend a yoga retreat in Devon came up. The retreat was a powerful introduction to the benefits of yoga and inspired me to start looking for a regular class nearby as my starting point.

Were there any obstacles to starting a practice? There are constant obstacles to my yoga practice! I am very overweight and unfit, and I find practising yoga a real challenge. I always think that it must seem like I’m just not trying in class, but every asana/exercise is a challenge, and even simple things like turning my neck from side to side can be something I find extremely difficult.

How long have you been practising, in general and with Rosanna? I have been practising yoga at weekly classes for most of the last two years, and attending Rosanna’s Gentle Yoga class for the last eight months.

How do you feel from coming to the classes? I have found that the Gentle Yoga class allows me to make progress at my own rate and doesn’t push me so hard that I find it difficult to motivate myself to continue coming to classes. I have gradually built up confidence and strength. Yoga is a great addition to improving my well-being. And I can feel it effecting me at a deep level. I leave feeling energised and deeply relaxed.

Do you have a favourite yoga posture/practice – and why? I’m hopeless at choosing just one favourite of anything, but some of my favourite postures are warrior II sequence, chair pose and reclined cobbler. My all time favourite has to be tree pose. Simple and straightforward and all about balance and grounding.

What impact does yoga have on your life, in general and day-to-day? Yoga has increased my confidence and fitness. I am determined to make yoga an ever increasing part of my life. A weekly class is a wonderful starting point. For me, it is important that yoga has a holistic approach and has an impact on body, mind & spirit.

Any words of advice/tips for people thinking about starting yoga? Where you are right now, is just the right point to start practising yoga! Try to follow your instincts about what is right for you, and try out different teachers until you find the right approach. If you don’t find what you are looking for in a class situation, think about trying one-to-one classes for a more tailored approach. Try to be open-minded about what you will get out of yoga. And never feel like you can’t do it. No matter how difficult you find it, things will improve. The benefits are well worth the effort you’ll put in.


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