What people are saying about Rosanna Yoga Classes…

Local companies and university/colleges

“Whether you are looking to strengthen your core, improve your flexibility or simply feel relaxed and enjoy a yogi’s experience, you’ll find all of this in Rosanna’s classes. Not one class that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy, it just makes you fee great!”

Anne Chapelain, Spotify Ltd.

“I had the great good fortune to have a yoga class from Rosanna – she was very good and motivating, even for someone like me who is not a yoga natural!”

Julian Huppert, MP

“Rosanna is a great yoga instructor! With a soothing voice and attention to each participant’s level, she manages to create a calming yet challenging session every time. I definitely recommend attending her classes and surely they will lift your spirit and fill you with positive energy!”

Anamaria, Anglia Ruskin University

One-to-One Yoga Sessions

“WOW! I cannot recommend Rosanna Gordon enough, she created a relaxing, supportive and peaceful environment to enable me to have an energising and rich yoga session. Her positive approach and encouraging words throughout the session enabled me to push myself to get more out of the movements, whilst always feeling relaxed. Rosanna made me feel very at ease and that she was with me all the way! I have now decided I simply must start a yoga class and that is all thanks to Rosanna.”

Laura Archer

“My private yoga sessions with Rosanna have become the highlight of my week. Before our first session, Rosanna put a lot of energy into finding out what results I wanted and clearly planned the sessions carefully in order to help me accomplish my goals. As a teacher she is compassionate, supportive and makes me feel anything is possible. The sessions feel truly personalised to me even down to the guided meditation during shavasana and the goodie bag Rosanna so kindly prepared to encourage me with my home practice. If you are looking for a way to regain energy, improve confidence and increase relaxation, I would highly recommend Rosanna and her wonderful, wonderful yoga sessions!”

Joy Haughton, Osteopath

“My first session with Rosanna has revolutionised my approach to my wellbeing. I can’t wait for the next. Thank you!!

Beck Collins, PhD student, Aspiring painter

Group Yoga Classes

“I have been learning and practising Yoga with Rosanna for nearly a year and I especially enjoy the flexibility, relaxation and energy it has given me since I started. Because I spend my working day at a desk, glued to a PC, I especially enjoy the benefits it gives from mobilising my spine and giving my body an all-over stretch. Rosanna is a great teacher and her classes are well structured and paced for both the absolute beginner that I was when I started and for the keen enthusiast that I have become. I look forward to every lesson with her.”


“I started going to Rosanna’s yoga classes back in May and it is one of the best things I have ever done! The yoga classes always make me feel relaxed yet energised and I have always likened it to the feeling you get after having a full body massage as it moves all the joints and makes you feel great in body and mind. Even when I have had a bad day, Rosanna has a great skill for being able to bring the class into the initial relaxation stage and we find ourseves being able to park all our worries to one side and focus purely on the class. I have definitely felt myself able to deal with problems more calmly since attending the classes and have definitely improved my balance and flexibility. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner!”

Emma Dickinson

“I’ve been doing yoga for years, and probably wouldn’t need much of a teacher’s guidance and could practice at home, but every week – no matter how tired I am – I make an effort to be there and share the positive energy that connects us all in the group. 10 times more effective than being on your own! Thank you Rosanna”


“Rosanna’s yoga classes are fun, invigorating, affordable and appropriate for people new to yoga or with some yoga experience. Rosanna has a clear and calm voice making it easy to follow her instructions without interrupting your flow or focus. The room was always warm and relaxing with soft lighting. I particularly appreciated the fact that Rosanna is not pushing a spiritual/religious agenda, this means her classes are welcoming for those who come from various faith backgrounds. The classes are set to pop music which was an interesting twist. I appreciate the space in each lesson where participants can move through the positions at their own pace. This suits me as I tend to hold poses for longer than some of the others. I left each class feeling refreshed, physically challenged, but also relaxed.”

Abigail Vink

“Your classes are easy to recommend as they had a genuine impact on my well being and general health, both physical and mental. The lessons are welcoming and inclusive, which means that people can challenge themselves at their own ability level. I loved the toning exercises and my flexibility and coordination improved the more that I did. Your guidance was always clear and encouraging which really helped me learn. Along with a sense of physical well being, the lessons allowed me to relax and were key in helping me cope with a busy, pressurised life. Each class allowed me to recalibrate myself emotionally as well as physically. I really noticed if I ever had to miss one! I would happily encourage anyone to come along as I know that they will benefit from your lessons in multiple ways. Thanks for your encouragement, warmth and expertise- you are a great yoga teacher!”

Steph Dimond

“Rosanna is an exceptional yoga teacher. Young though she is, she understands the mind and spirit and brings this depth into her yoga practice. Her creation of a mind-body synergy enables her students to feel truly calmed and energised at once, walking away feeling like almost different people at the end of the class compared to the beginning. She is kind and patient, but also skilled and knowledgeable, helping each student to stretch themselves to their own desired limit. She can manage multi-ability classes with grace and create a wonderful bond between people in one short hour. I can’t recommend Rosanna highly enough – her classes are truly magical!

Jane Elia, Teacher and writer

“Every single time I had the pleasure of joining her yoga class was a success. I felt completely, deeply recharged. Occasionally I started the lesson having a terrible tension and headache, and after, through the exercises and postures and way of breathing I felt good again and willing to do other things and prepared to spend the evening out with friends. Rosanna is such a talented and skilled professional teacher and her gift to make other people feel good is priceless!!”

Marika Triola

“I very much enjoyed your classes. They made me feel very relaxed and a lot more subtle. I liked the idea of ‘relaxing into a stretch’. I have had back ache and found that this disappeared. I felt a bit apprehensive to begin with but you soon put me at ease. The fees were very reasonable and it was great that you supplied mats and did not have an extra expense.”


“I feel very good having attended the yoga classes. I just started practising yoga a year ago, but you’ve made me love it! It is a relaxing time that I spend on me. Thanks for your help.”


“I feel stronger physically, as well as more balanced and in control of my mind and body.”

Laura King

“I always go away from your classes feeling positive, energised and calm. Mentally I feel much clearer and less cluttered; physically, looser.”

Claire Davey

“I feel great. Stronger and I have more energy. Thank you! Love the positive words of encouragement.”

S Brown

“I feel good. The classes have helped with relaxation and physically I feel better.”