Yoga is…

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What is yoga?

A selection of quotes from various top yoga teachers and students. What ‘yoga is’ to them, offering you a little inspiration. Enjoy!


Yoga is…


finding inner peace and harmony through discipline and freedom.

– Catie Gordon, discovered yoga aged 14

being able to listen, to pay attention, to your body, to your breath, to other people.

– Michael Hutchinson

a series of exercises that will reveal to you your highest and greatest self.

– Dina Prioste

pressing pause on a busy life and making space to breathe in new energy.

– Beck Collins, PhD student

time for me to be totally with myself, my body, my breath. Stretching into new territory, finding my edges, exploring what’s next. Ahhhhh.

– Corrina Gordon-Barnes

the future, now. As the new world questions the relevance of old religions, yoga comes forward as an ancient spiritual art form, from the eternal offerings of India. Its humble task is to define the non-sectarian way forward for each individual to find Truth, Love and God in the sanctuary of the their own blossoming soul!

– Neil Patel, Director of Chi Kri Yoga and Hip Hop Yoga in the UK

the place where I come to reconnect with source energy. When I don’t have the “space” to meditate, I get on the mat and start the simple breath in and out. It never fails to bring me back to myself and the greater possibilities in life.

– Denise Duffield-Thomas, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

clarity in action.

– Lesley Isaacson

my best friend–it supports me throughout my day and constantly reminds me to be happy and thankful for all that I have. And, how amazing it is to be alive, to breathe, to move, to live, to love, to laugh and to learn. I can’t imagine my life without yoga!

– Kristin McGee

a way to create space inside me: inside my body so that it can relax and take a lovely deep breath; inside my mind to stop her fretting and inside my heart so that it can be filled with love and hope.

– Blanka Priddle

an oasis of calm amid the desert of chaos, a place where I can be me and a big fat sprinkling of fairy dust in an otherwise ordinary day!

– Rachel Hawes, Cambridge based yoga teacher and massage therapist

peace of mind.

– Suzanne Thompson, Founder Director & Principal Teacher of Fontmell Magna Yoga Sanctuary & Retreat, Dorset

connecting my mind, body and spirit.

– Andre Daley

the simple wisdom of life.

– Katrin Heuser


In my experience, the Physical Yoga Practice is a simple system to Get out of My Head and into My Breath. This sneaks me into what I call a State of Yoga, or Complete Presence.

– Michael Gannon, Yoga Dealer

Be the goal, the union, the love of all loves.

– David Sye


Woah, pretty cool huh? Yoga really can mean so many different things, depending on who is experiencing it. Our life’s circumstances, our influences and where we are at on our personal journey can all affect our perception of and our connection to this fabulous ancient practice.

What is yoga to you?

For me, at this time in my life, yoga is…

my inner child reminding me who I am.

This just seems to resonate with me the most, as I find myself in a place where I’m exploring my playful side, embracing my whole self and reflecting on my younger days. I feel called up to take things less seriously, let go more and really have fun with life.

I’d love to hear what yoga is… to you! Take a minute or two to close your eyes and see what comes up. No push or shove, just allow it to flow from source. Perhaps it’ll come to you later, during your next time on the mat or out on a walk in nature. And please do share by leaving your Yoga is… quote as a comment below.

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